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If anyone enjoyed any of these and is so inclined to recommend one for awards, I'd be tickled. Much love.

short story An Arrangement of Moss and Dirt in Fantasy Mag

short story What the Sea Gives in Don't Break the Oath

novelette Milk Kin in A Conjuring for All Seasons

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What a freaking year. I'm not only thankful to move forward from the year, I am also thankful to have made it through. Despite all of it, this was the year my author life flourished. You can only plant the garden and hope something grows.

Having a my debut novel, Fairest Flesh was that growth. I got to see Dory go off into the world and haunt readers (I'm pretty thankful I'm not doing that burden on my own anymore -- phew).

I was unbelievably proud to see Black Feathered Phlogiston published along with so much talent in the Not All Monsters antho and was further stunned to be a featured poet for this year's HWA Poetry Showcase volume.

One of my favorite things this year was to collect pictures of Fairest Flesh book mail, mostly of the special edition. Seeing these beauties in the flesh was like holding a piece of my imaginings come to life and it has been both a humbling and elating experience.

Other things. I finished a novella this year and submitted it. Did a podcast with Positively Pop Culture, had an interview with Blueink Reviews.

But most of all, like other parents, I survived virtual schooling my kiddos. Of course, 2020 might be over, but the school year is not, so it remains to be seen if I will make it out with my sanity.

Thank you to the reviewers and fellow authors who have been active in making these things happen, just by giving some of your time. So many people in the horror community have been supportive, helpful and kind.

Thanks to the readers who make it all worth it.

Most of all. Thank you for voting this year.

Much love.

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