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Thor Wrestling with Old Age
Sculpture by Einar Jonsson

The ongoings in my little world have included some interviews, so in case you missed these posts on social media, I thought I'd pass them along on the good ol'blog.

So both of these interviews gave me a chance to break down some of the perspective goals I had for Fairest Flesh as well as the poem "Shatter." Both works are utterly linked and I also hope both bring up some difficult questions for readers, because what's a piece of fiction without disturbing criticisms of reality?

With BlueInk I had the chance to talk at length about my love for history as well as taking a look at the actual history of Erzsébet Báthory. Then feminism because a historic-noble-female serial killer is about as perfect as one can get when dissecting misogyny and social power dynamics.

Horror with a Message: BlueInk Talks with Debut Author K.P. Kulski

Being an HWA Featured Spotlight Poet was an honor, especially alongside Sarah Read and Sara Tantlinger, we talk poetry and darkness, then share our poems that will appear in the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII.

Featured Poets Spotlight: HWA Showcase Featured Poets

There's my sporadic update for the day.

Until next time-- eat some kimchi and register to vote(pleasegodpleaseregistertovotethankyou).

Also. Masks.

Peace out

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  • K.P. Kulski

A year ago-- seems like another world, doesn't it?

Last year about this time, I was preparing for a trip to Iceland. Right now, I'm pretty much only leaving my house for take out and walks in the park. What a difference in a year of the world erupting into chaos makes.

Reflecting on my time in Iceland, it was the first international trip that I've taken in a long time. Too long. It was, as most trips are for me, a chance to go far away to find myself. I walked from one end of Reykjavik to the other, taking in history and the ocean. How I miss the ocean. Solitary wanderings into museums and grave yards. Cups of coffee and warm fresh bread.

I stood on the steps of the Höfði house, exactly where Reagan and Gorbachev did during their historic meeting and thought a lot about beginnings and endings. One of my favorite things was the Monument to Civil Disobedience. I reflect back on it now and appreciate it all the more.

I wish reality didn't make it so hard to leave one place for another. It seems as if our marriage to a location can be more binding than that of a real marriage.

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