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Did August start already? Wait? What?

Almost half over, you say?


Everything is insane, but was it ever really sane?

I've had consistent nice developments recently. A pleasant surprise to see Fairest Flesh featured on last week's News Round-up via This is Horror. It was also a complete honor to be interviewed as one of HWA Featured Poets along with dark poetry greats, Sara Tantlinger and Sarah Read (poems included!!!).

Moments ago I finished up a a guest post for the Dark Poet's Column which features one of my previously unpublished poems. Then another development that I can't talk about and some fun news from my publisher... *sentence purposefully left vague*. Oh and a story acceptance for a short that I've been cooking up for many a moon.

To top it all off the special edition of Sara Tantlinger's newest, Cradleland of Parasites arrived on my doorstep. Look at this horrid beauty.

Can you feel the infection coming through the pic? I can't wait to get lost in it. By all reports, this special edition of Cradleland of Parasites, along with the special edition of Fairest Flesh are both still available, but not for much longer.

This girl's living the introvert-dreamer dream.

Outside the world continues to melt and I plan to make it my mission to avoid it all as much as possible.

Keep safe all. And go read something spooky.

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  • K.P. Kulski

Won't you come join her?

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On Friday Strangehouse unveiled the cover for the special edition of FAIREST FLESH. When Don let me have a sneak peak before the reveal, I couldn't get over how absolutely perfect it is. Then I had to wait. If you know me, that is not something I do well. Patience is something I've had to work at in life.

So when the cover reveal time rolled around, I was very excited to finally be able to share my utter happiness.

FAIREST FLESH is dressed to kill and she has a lot of secrets. So if you've missed the cover reveal, here's the beauty again.

Rooster Announcement:

What else?! Poetry!

I'm honored to not only be selected to have a poem is this year's volume of the HWA POETRY SHOWCASE, but will also be writing a column for the HWA Poetry Blog. I'm pretty psyched about all this. To pass along a bit of intel... that poem happens to tie in quite a bit with FAIREST FLESH. *wink wink nod*

Catch me on Twitter @garnetonwinter for real time updates as well as additional announcements and information here on my blog.

In the meantime, get ready for pre-orders for the special edition of FAIREST FLESH. Starting August 1st.

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