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Last Year, Thoughts and Iceland

A year ago-- seems like another world, doesn't it?

Last year about this time, I was preparing for a trip to Iceland. Right now, I'm pretty much only leaving my house for take out and walks in the park. What a difference in a year of the world erupting into chaos makes.

Reflecting on my time in Iceland, it was the first international trip that I've taken in a long time. Too long. It was, as most trips are for me, a chance to go far away to find myself. I walked from one end of Reykjavik to the other, taking in history and the ocean. How I miss the ocean. Solitary wanderings into museums and grave yards. Cups of coffee and warm fresh bread.

I stood on the steps of the Höfði house, exactly where Reagan and Gorbachev did during their historic meeting and thought a lot about beginnings and endings. One of my favorite things was the Monument to Civil Disobedience. I reflect back on it now and appreciate it all the more.

I wish reality didn't make it so hard to leave one place for another. It seems as if our marriage to a location can be more binding than that of a real marriage.

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