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I've managed to keep newsletter subscribers up-to-date on upcoming publications, but I'm a bit slower to get it on my blog here. Apologies! Here's a short "what's happening in my writing world."

Upcoming pubs....

Short Stories

"My Skin Drum Garden" in THE DEAD INSIDE from Dark Dispatch

An anthology dedicated to identity horror and this story is all about exactly that.

Ross Jeffrey said in his review "...this story makes you feel, it makes you feel so damn much it hurts. I bloody loved it!"

(Thank for reading and reviewing!)

"The Pavilion of Far-Reaching Fragrance" in ASIAN GHOST SHORT STORIES from Flame Tree Press

A story about a Korean gwishin that's sure to be a pain in the neck


HOUSE OF PUNGSU from Bizarro Pulp Press

When I started working on this novella set in a Joseon era palace, I told myself would be where I put my frustration over the challenges of women’s identity and my own struggle with how it seems to worm away and become something we don’t get to own. Pungsu is the Korean art of geomancy, the placement of things against the landscape for good or ill. The novella was picked up by Bizarro Pulp Press and will be out sometime this year.

Friends, I'm excited to share each of these publications with you. EEeeeeee!

So far it looks like I'll be attending StokerCon in Denver this year. Better dust off the skin suit for in-person interaction. What the hell is that any more?

Thanks for being awesome.

Most of all, thanks for being a horror reader.

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